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Top Startup Business Ideas of 2016



Are you tired of waking up early and catching the bus to work every day? Most people find it quite boring and tiring to have a regular job. There are business ideas everywhere around you. Entrepreneurship is a great quality to have, you just have to find the right track to be successful. Small business has low risk with a higher profit margin if you run it properly. There are no shortcuts to success, however there are small business ideas which can bring surprising success for you. So, if you are willing to invest your small capital to a startup business, here are some top ideas for you:

House Cleaning

It is probably the safest startup business idea in a small budget. House cleaning services are becoming quite popular in cities. As people are becoming more engaged in outdoor works, they find little time to do the housecleaning. And that’s where the house cleaners come in. You need a small capital to start your own house cleaning company. Some equipment’s are required for this job. It is likely that you will find work within few days. If you are doing properly, there will be lots of jobs with great profit.

Dog Walking

Whenever a requirement rises, a business idea pops up. Pet sitting service is one of the most profitable startup business scheme now a day. This business requires minimum investment but can turn up good profit for you. Dog walking services require a good amount of marketing so people know about your service. You can target the local magazines and publish some ads to draw the attention of potential customers. Soon you will start to earn enough to maintain a sustainable business. If you are good at something, your clients will speak for your service.

Home Hairdressing

Are you good at hairdressing? If you are, you probably what to start your own beauty shop to provide service. However, starting a parlor in a dedicated space requires a lot of money. You may not enough that much of capital to start your own beauty parlor. But there is an even better idea if you are willing to do it. Home hairdressing is a perfect startup business idea for those who are good at. All you need is some basic tools for the hair cutting and you are ready to go. Marketing is also very important for this kind of …

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Strategic Branding Is Good For Your Small Business It Is For Good Reasons


If you want to show potential customers what your business is about, strategic branding is the very best way for it. Strategic branding could be visual, through logos, or verbal, through marketing materials. Strategic branding isn’t about influencing your target audience to choose you over competitors. Strategic branding is about getting potential customers to see you as being the only good choice.


To successfully establish your brand, you need to understand the wants and needs of your target market. Each way your company makes contact with a customer is definitely an opportunity to advance your brand message. Brands live in the hearts and minds of clients, prospects, and customers. It is the combinations of experiences with and perceptions of your company, many of which you could influence.

A business can’t survive today without having a strong brand. Your results will likely be more impressive if you build your brand on well-defined research and invest a good amount of time in its development. Your brand represents the pledge you make to your customers. Your company’s entire marketing program is based on your brand message, so you need to make certain you never leave it out of your communications.

It’s suggested to use your strategic branding to make yourself stand out from the competition. Figure out who your target customers are and how to market your business to those customers first. Find visuals and words that represent your company’s mission effectively and use them to reinforce your brand message when addressing your target audience. Strategic branding typically delivers clear messages to any and all of your prospective clients.


A strategic brand could help you get into niche markets. Make sure to state clearly what your selling platform is and look for methods to communicate this to your target customers. Well chosen graphics and keywords will relay to your target purchasers the primary function of your company. Let the customers know why your company was created and the way it could help serve them.

A good strategic branding plan could make it easier for your niche market to trust you. This may lead to your business getting better responses to its e-mails and other messages. People will support your brand and feel as though you are offering the best value to them based on your merchandise and messages.

Focusing on your long-term strategic branding efforts will keep your business consistent. Your …

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How to reduce the expenses in Home Renovations



Budget and Money are something that often gets over boarded. We want to get something done under some limited bucks, but that shoots up while doing it. We can see that in Home Renovations the most. It is true that after a certain period of time, the home needs the renovation and hence we need to invest some amount of bucks. However, that does not mean that we should put in all we have. The best part of the home renovation is that you can be master of all the requirements and thus you can control the budget. A question can come to the mind then why does the budget shoots up? Well, mostly because we do not have a proper plan. There are some basic ways by which you can considerably reduce the amount of expenses for the home renovation.


No job is well executed if there is no plan at all. The moment you feel the requirement for home renovation, you should have a plan. The plan does not explain all the minute details of the renovation. However, nothing goes out of the overall skeleton of the renovation program. Suppose, you want to renovate your stairs and you have estimated the certain amount of budget that should reflect in your planning. You have to, however, make sure that your planning is realistic and achievable. If you are planning well, then you can get the entire process done within your budget. But then the question arises that how to make a proper and cheap budget?


Prepare a Budget

Your budget must contain each and everything about the renovation. The renovation has different parts and everything should be included for your budget. The estimation of your labor, permits and then materials etc. should be part of your budget. You should always give some 5-10 % of relaxation in the budget as well. We must acknowledge that a budget might not go as per the plan. However, we should always be ready to modify our plan as per the budget. These two go hand by hand. if not then the home renovation expense gets shoot up again.

Purchasing materials

The purchase of materials for the home renovation is a great way to reduce the expenses. It does not matter which kind of home renovation do you want? But you have to make sure that the materials that you are …

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Few key points to remember while doing a home based business



If you really think about it beginning a home based business, then that can tackled in numerous ways, from offering direct services to promoting and making products. Initially, it may be extremely difficult to draw an income as you will be solely responsible for its success. Be that as it may, it can likewise bring good returns. Once you get the hang of it, you can start earning more money and there will be no limit to it.

Operating a client based or service based business

Technically service based businesses comprises of training or coaching a group of students, working as a freelancer, doing graphical works from home, composition, offering transcription services, giving voice over and much more. On the off chance that your assignment includes loads of definite work then you have the liberty to charge higher costs. Thereby, you need not worry about searching for new clients each month. You can make more income by getting regular work from the usual clients.

If you require prompt payment then opt for running a client based business, more it is the best way to earn an income. In any case, remember, that you have only fixed hours in a day and hence should know to use it judiciously. Never commit for more as you cannot complete it in the given time. This can tarnish your reputation.


Another great alternative is outsourcing. In case you’re sufficiently blessed to produce significantly more customer business than only you can deal with, you can just outsource different assignments to others. While this is good option to venture into, you will need to have superb quality control techniques set up to guarantee that the work is completed on time, is done up to your guidelines and that things run easily.

Few other home based business options are

Digital product creation: You can create some digital reports, ebooks etc and other simple apps and sell them. Whatever you do is make the item once and after that exchange it again and again. You could even have partner advertisers help you promote your items.

Membership site management: If you have the talent of teaching students or training them, then you can think about making an enrollment program. As in people can receive your ongoing services and they pay a recurring monthly fee.

If you are planning to make money online, then need to find out about …

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Rent the right limousine



Is it true that you are considering leasing a limousine for an extraordinary event?Maybe you’re getting hitched soon. Maybe you simply need to go some place in style and not stress over driving or simply require straightforward transportation to and from the airplane terminal.

Before you start searching for these rentals, it is better you understand few essential points. When I rented the http://www.partybustorontovip.ca/ party bus I researched well before i found the right  party bus. Here are few key tips on the most proficient method to effectively find and hold your fantasy limo for your event.

  1. Research well about the company and make sure it is licensed

Nowadays, you can check the websites which offer client evaluations and criticism. Some of these websites are Twitter, Facebook and Yelp. Hence if you need to gather some information on your prospective limo company, do a thorough research and find out if they have received negative feedback. If you do find something odd, just avoid those agencies.

  1. Check if the limo company is insured and licensed

Once you have collected all the information, check the dates but never book it online. If you have the time, find some limousine rental agencies in your general vicinity. While few details may not be right this is mentioned on the website. Never ever book a limo if you are not sure about their services. Get the telephone number of a few organizations, and call them back. Speak with the manager and find out if all the drivers’ and the vehicles are properly insured and licensed. Another important matter is that all the limousine company has to have a PSC certificate.

  1. Know the vehicle types and decide on the colors.

You can pick the type of vehicles and their shades based on the number of individuals you are going to accommodate. Make a point to tell the limousine administrator your wanted specifications before you conclude the reservation. There are various sorts of limousine vehicles accessible, and a reputed rental agency will have present models of these extravagant vehicles in their armada. The kind of occasion and number of individuals in your gathering will determine the make and model of the limousine you pick. The luxury sedan limousines are popular among the business people. They are utilized as corporate vehicle for air terminal, inn, and meeting transportation.

  1. Reserve your limo services far ahead of time.

If you …

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The 4 Money making apps you should try




If you need to make some extra money, here’s a quick and easy way to do it: Mobile apps! You probably didn’t know this was possible, but that smartphone of yours could end up paying for itself. These past few years have been crazy prolific for app developers. They came up with so many types of mobile apps that it’s almost impossible to keep up with them. This also goes for the number of actual apps specialized in doing a specific task. So when it comes to money making apps the problem is that you can’t always check to see if a certain app is legit or not. So here’s a top 4 list of money making apps that are not only legit but that can also earn you the most money.

  1. Rewardable

This is a free iOS and Android app that rewards you for completing certain tasks. This is one of the newest apps in this niche. There are two types of tasks you can complete: either take online surveys (which you can easily do directly on your smartphone), or you can go to certain stores and take some pictures. The app is mainly used by big companies for market research purposes. The good thing about it is that the tasks are incredibly easy to complete, but there is also a downside – the money you make for completing the tasks is never more than 5$.


  1. Gigwalk

Gigwalk is one of the older money making apps, and just like “Rewardable”, it gives you bonuses for completing certain tasks. However, Gigwalk offers more time consuming and labor intensive tasks. The good news is that you can also make more money, since these tasks are better paid than on Rewardable, but you actually have to apply and wait for approval in order to start completing them.

  1. iPoll

This is another app used for market research purposes. iPoll specializes in surveys. Some of them are easy to fill out using your smartphone and others imply that you watch certain videos, but there are times when you are required to reach a certain location and physically answer to some multiple chioice questions regarding different products. So if you like sharing your opinions, then iPoll is the perfect app for you!

  1. Google opinion rewards

Another free app that you could benefit from is Google opinion rewards. Although it is not a money …

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Simple wedding reception within the budget



Some people may think it is a waste to spend a fortune for your wedding reception while others may not have that much of cash. Nevertheless, you can still make a remarkable wedding function within the budget set by you. All you have to do is plan carefully and be little creative to arrange a function wherein you can make unforgettable memories.

Always select the right location or venue

Generally, one has to spend more money on arranging a suitable hall or reception center. Hence you need to find a venue which does not charge too much. Since some of them will be extremely expensive during peak season time. Further to that, you can even host your wedding reception at someone place or you can arrange it at a nearby park, social hall, church hall, art gallery, library, farm, and beach or even at a charming botanical garden. You can conduct the function at some of these places at a small price; however you need to get the required permission from the authorities who are in charge of the location. Try some unconventional locations; don’t just restrict yourself to hotels or resorts. You can get great deals for catering if you conduct your wedding reception in the middle of the week.

Think of different food possibilities

For any wedding arrangement, catering and food expenses form a big part in the budget. Hence you need to come up with different alternative without compromising on the quality. If you follow these options then you save some cash for your honeymoon.


Forgo the usual reception dinner ideas, instead check with each individual if they can prepare their favorite dish for the function. Naturally, you need to do some good coordination, by having 30 platters of salad without the main course. Hence keep it simple.

You can opt for brunch reception, if you are planning to have the wedding in the morning. Serve wraps, French toast, bagels, omelets, fresh juice, brunch goodies etc. This could turn into sophisticated event by playing some really classic tracks along with some simple wedding décor.


You can serve just dessert, however you need to mention that in the invite. Another way is to serve barbecue and this dish is perfect for beach wedding.

Simple wedding decorations

You can use various simple wedding decorations to make your big day magnificent and sophisticated. If it is …

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