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My name is Sally and I am a working women with zest for writing and blogging as well as sharing what I learn and experience. I would love to have my blog shared and loved by many readers for the value it offers and I Hope i can share my value with everyone and the world.

This blog is about all products in the market and what my experience is with them. I have no desire t be biased as I want readers to be well informed and can check the product out by themselves.

It is simply what I have experience in products, in my day to day business interactions and any information that I find relevant to my readers.

I aim to make this blog marketing free so my readers can express their real opinions and share their experiences.

You can contact me at sally@meanstreetproducts.com.

I hope that all my readers can get in touch with me in order to let me know what they have expriences with all the products and experiences i share on this blog!