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Top Startup Business Ideas of 2016



Are you tired of waking up early and catching the bus to work every day? Most people find it quite boring and tiring to have a regular job. There are business ideas everywhere around you. Entrepreneurship is a great quality to have, you just have to find the right track to be successful. Small business has low risk with a higher profit margin if you run it properly. There are no shortcuts to success, however there are small business ideas which can bring surprising success for you. So, if you are willing to invest your small capital to a startup business, here are some top ideas for you:

House Cleaning

It is probably the safest startup business idea in a small budget. House cleaning services are becoming quite popular in cities. As people are becoming more engaged in outdoor works, they find little time to do the housecleaning. And that’s where the house cleaners come in. You need a small capital to start your own house cleaning company. Some equipment’s are required for this job. It is likely that you will find work within few days. If you are doing properly, there will be lots of jobs with great profit.

Dog Walking

Whenever a requirement rises, a business idea pops up. Pet sitting service is one of the most profitable startup business scheme now a day. This business requires minimum investment but can turn up good profit for you. Dog walking services require a good amount of marketing so people know about your service. You can target the local magazines and publish some ads to draw the attention of potential customers. Soon you will start to earn enough to maintain a sustainable business. If you are good at something, your clients will speak for your service.

Home Hairdressing

Are you good at hairdressing? If you are, you probably what to start your own beauty shop to provide service. However, starting a parlor in a dedicated space requires a lot of money. You may not enough that much of capital to start your own beauty parlor. But there is an even better idea if you are willing to do it. Home hairdressing is a perfect startup business idea for those who are good at. All you need is some basic tools for the hair cutting and you are ready to go. Marketing is also very important for this kind of startup business.

Mobile Coffee Bar

Most office workers don’t have enough time to sit in a coffee shop. They prefer to take the coffee on the go. So, a mobile coffee bar can be a very clever business idea. You need a coffee marker with a moveable van and that’s it! you are ready to go. The prices of trailers may vary depending on the quality. However, for startup you can start with a basic trailer for your mobile coffee business. Soon you will attract customers with your great coffee. No matter what you do, you have to be passionate about it, success will come eventually.

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