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The 4 Money making apps you should try




If you need to make some extra money, here’s a quick and easy way to do it: Mobile apps! You probably didn’t know this was possible, but that smartphone of yours could end up paying for itself. These past few years have been crazy prolific for app developers. They came up with so many types of mobile apps that it’s almost impossible to keep up with them. This also goes for the number of actual apps specialized in doing a specific task. So when it comes to money making apps the problem is that you can’t always check to see if a certain app is legit or not. So here’s a top 4 list of money making apps that are not only legit but that can also earn you the most money.

  1. Rewardable

This is a free iOS and Android app that rewards you for completing certain tasks. This is one of the newest apps in this niche. There are two types of tasks you can complete: either take online surveys (which you can easily do directly on your smartphone), or you can go to certain stores and take some pictures. The app is mainly used by big companies for market research purposes. The good thing about it is that the tasks are incredibly easy to complete, but there is also a downside – the money you make for completing the tasks is never more than 5$.


  1. Gigwalk

Gigwalk is one of the older money making apps, and just like “Rewardable”, it gives you bonuses for completing certain tasks. However, Gigwalk offers more time consuming and labor intensive tasks. The good news is that you can also make more money, since these tasks are better paid than on Rewardable, but you actually have to apply and wait for approval in order to start completing them.

  1. iPoll

This is another app used for market research purposes. iPoll specializes in surveys. Some of them are easy to fill out using your smartphone and others imply that you watch certain videos, but there are times when you are required to reach a certain location and physically answer to some multiple chioice questions regarding different products. So if you like sharing your opinions, then iPoll is the perfect app for you!

  1. Google opinion rewards

Another free app that you could benefit from is Google opinion rewards. Although it is not a money making app per se, since it only offers Google Play credits for your endeavors, it is probably the most reliable on this list. Just like iPoll, it specializes in surveys, which you have to give answers to weekly. You can redeem your rewards for Android apps, Music, Magazines, Books or even movies. On top of that, this app is surprisingly user friendly and easy to use.

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