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Simple wedding reception within the budget



Some people may think it is a waste to spend a fortune for your wedding reception while others may not have that much of cash. Nevertheless, you can still make a remarkable wedding function within the budget set by you. All you have to do is plan carefully and be little creative to arrange a function wherein you can make unforgettable memories.

Always select the right location or venue

Generally, one has to spend more money on arranging a suitable hall or reception center. Hence you need to find a venue which does not charge too much. Since some of them will be extremely expensive during peak season time. Further to that, you can even host your wedding reception at someone place or you can arrange it at a nearby park, social hall, church hall, art gallery, library, farm, and beach or even at a charming botanical garden. You can conduct the function at some of these places at a small price; however you need to get the required permission from the authorities who are in charge of the location. Try some unconventional locations; don’t just restrict yourself to hotels or resorts. You can get great deals for catering if you conduct your wedding reception in the middle of the week.

Think of different food possibilities

For any wedding arrangement, catering and food expenses form a big part in the budget. Hence you need to come up with different alternative without compromising on the quality. If you follow these options then you save some cash for your honeymoon.


Forgo the usual reception dinner ideas, instead check with each individual if they can prepare their favorite dish for the function. Naturally, you need to do some good coordination, by having 30 platters of salad without the main course. Hence keep it simple.

You can opt for brunch reception, if you are planning to have the wedding in the morning. Serve wraps, French toast, bagels, omelets, fresh juice, brunch goodies etc. This could turn into sophisticated event by playing some really classic tracks along with some simple wedding décor.


You can serve just dessert, however you need to mention that in the invite. Another way is to serve barbecue and this dish is perfect for beach wedding.

Simple wedding decorations

You can use various simple wedding decorations to make your big day magnificent and sophisticated. If it is the flower arrangement, think about using only seasonal flowers and those which are easily available in your area. One can opt for large blooms which are very colorful and visually pleasing. Moreover you can add them as the centerpieces. Further to that, if you have more time try to purchase some nice vases from garage sale, as you will get them at cheaper rates. If you have your wedding reception in the evening, then try setting up the place with candles or lights. You can make your bows or garlands. Tulle is another inexpensive material which can be used for decorating the venue.


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